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Nothing like scribbling on a long plane ride to make...

Lucy Bartholomew, le texte de sa publication du 23-01-2019 19:00:02 :
Nothing like scribbling on a long plane ride to make a post for you. Here’s my talented artistic visual of my year ahead 👩‍🎨 and here is my blog #1 of 2019!

2019 has well and truely begun. One month is nearly gone and here is me sticking to one blog post at least a month. I love writing and drawing; its certainly not a big talent of mine but something that I use to see another perspective, reflect and share more with you plus it kills alot of time on plane rides!

In the end of 2018 I was content with my year and I let my body really enjoy the festive seasons with the hope of getting ready to rock Jan 1 (yes, I am one of those people) but with some opportunities offered that seemed like good experiences January has turned more into a warm up, a balancing act and certainly one way to ease back into the year. I always believe that our decisions are made and chosen with the intention of everything happening for a reason. I believe this all worked out because I needed to have another few weeks to truely reset..but boy, am I aching to start to move forward!

Because of this lack of training and busy schedule I have decided to not race The Coastal Challenge . If I was in good shape I was excited fo this to be a perfect introduction to some big weeks of training but without the strength I can only see it digging me a hole in energy and taking alot more time to recover from. It was a hard decision but I am proud of myself and Costa Rica isn’t going anywhere soon.. I hope.

With this change February is open to that lovely cycle of routine. My favourite. Staying local, training hard, working on my recipe book, putting together camps and waking up everyday with the intention to step forward towards my big dreams.
So what are they? Here are the key, concrete races I will be smiling at:

Lucky me after having a long time off (for me!) I have a lot of time to see those big bounds in return of fitness. My first race that I will put a focus on is the Ultra-Trail Australia 50km in the Blue Mountains. I have run the 100km twice and the 22km twice so I am looking forward to doing something a bit different and sharing my birthday weekend at my favourite Australian race.

Straight from here I will fly into the USA. HELLO Western States Endurance Run! There was never a doubt of I would take the F3 bib! I am back here to try and hold on a little longer then last year. Excited? nervous? Motivated? yes, yes, yes! Its scary to look back at where I was this time last year where I had already raced well and was heading into some other big races in NZ whereas now I am sitting here with a blank space in my calender. Originally I wanted to replicate my 2018 lead up. Then life happened and got exciting- change is fun and a fresh, new start is what I need. I learnt a lot last year, and i’m ready to learn again this year oh and give it some horns!

I don’t remember the last time I went a year without a visit to Chamonix. I don’t plan to break that streak. Bonjour CCC! I have run at the YCC, OCC and TDS in the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc - UTMB festival and I thought why not tick another race off… of course this leaves one remaining after 2019- see you soon UTMB.

My final international race will be returning to Ultra-trail Cape Town - UTCT! The south African trails, community, beaches and produce blew my mind in 2017 I booked this one in the day after I followed the race last year and felt that deep desire to dance on Table mountain again,

Life will happen, things will change, obstacles thrown and opportunities offered.. all I can do is breath, smile and welcome anything that will make me a stronger human. If you’re like me and the year didn’t start quite the way you imagined let me tell you its OK. The sun will set and the then rise and you can welcome a new opportunity- im with you!

As always a big hug and a big thank you for being apart of my tribe. I hope to see some of you out on the trails, share a selfie, a slice of watermelon and some healthy miles.

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lucybartholomew17Nothing makes me happier then moving on trails, in the mountains and in the sun

Sponsored by Salomon Australia, Suunto and CLIF bar..and my mum and dad

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