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This is super exciting! I am so lucky to have...

Lucy Bartholomew, le texte de sa publication du 16-02-2019 06:30:35 :
This is super exciting!
I am so lucky to have the opportunity to run in a team with these ladies for the Oxfam Trailwalker Australia 100km in Melbourne!

We are 4 different women in different locations, different stages of life and different experiences. But we are coming together with one passion!!

Meet the team:


“Hi! I’m Steph and im 27 years old. I am running to inspire others to do things that scare but excite them! It’s an excellent cause and if I can use running to inspire one other person or help one person on their journey it’s worth it. My 100k philosophy/approach is “jump and build your wings on your way down”

Sarah Jayne:
“Hi! I’m Sarah-Jayne (SJ) and I’m 35 years old and I’m here to represent the women who balance funding and training for events with work, rebellious pelvic floors and raising young children. We are badass! These women often have enormous challenges to overcome to just get themselves to a start line with uninterrupted sleep and more to eat than a crust of someone else’s toast.
I hope that my running models to my kids how to enjoy movement for movements sake, how to work hard for something that initially seems out of reach, how to cope with the disappointment of if things don’t work out and to show the joy that reaching a goal can bring.
The 100km distance is completely new to me so my philosophy is simple. Forwards is forwards.
My biggest fear is letting the fear of failure dominate my decisions. “


“Hi! I’m 44 years old (really? I had to check that twice. Surely I’m still 25?)
I have two children.
My main passions in life are trying my best to be an awesome mum and a good rolemodel for my children, my love and care for animals, and caring for the environment. Intertwined with these are my love for Permaculture and, of course, running!
Why running? I love its innate simplicity and the peace, quiet and calm that running brings to my day. I can simply put on my sneakers, head out the door (or get out of my car) and just go.
My biggest fear would be not fitting enough into my life!
My 100km philosophy sounds a bit cheesy but it is “just give it a go and believe in yourself”.
Fun fact- during my uni years I was also in the Reserve Army. I had a “This Girl Can” moment when I was allowed to do the Commando Selection Course (along with 2 other females). This was the first time females had been allowed to do this course!”


“Hola! My name is Lucy Bartholomew i am 22 years old and my love for running stems from My dad who entered into a 100k event and i saw him going on adventures to train on nice trails and going to really cool cafes and building nice memories. I started to join him on my bike and slowly came off the bike and would follow him step by step. Together we ran my first 100km at 15 years old. Smiling the whole way and building a bond i will treasure forever. Now i run full time with amazing brands allowing me to peruse my dreams.
My 100km philosophy is: Hakuna Matata. It means no worries. Even just contemplating to challenge yourself in this way is a win- just try.”

Our team is called THESE GIRLS CAN. We are representing the This Girl Can campaign and showing that it doesn’t matter what your past, present or future looks like we can rise each other up and enjoy a journey together!

If you would like to help us raise funds for this cause you can follow the link! It would mean a lot to me and make a big change for the charity!


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lucybartholomew17Nothing makes me happier then moving on trails, in the mountains and in the sun

Sponsored by Salomon Australia, Suunto and CLIF bar..and my mum and dad

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