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BLOG TIME! “False summits make the final peak seem so much...

Lucy Bartholomew, le texte de sa publication du 25-02-2019 05:37:08 :

“False summits make the final peak seem so much sweeter”

After a few false starts to the year i finally feel confident to write the first of many blogs. Let me tell you something I’ve learnt; nothing is more energising then waking up with intention, motivation and a smile.
Trust me, i had a few weeks with out these 3 things. But now i have an abundance and that’s when i want to share mine with you!

I would mark this last week as the first week of ‘training’... better late then never- and with all cylinders firing it feels so smooth and fun.
I don’t mind the space I’m in, it’s not where I’d envisioned- It’s better, i am stronger because i experiences some loses and learnt a bucket load!

Ankle- tick
Quad- tick
Stomach- tick

The body rocks.
A rolled ankle, a compensating leg to get me through, a strained quad, an upset gut means resetting systems and changing things up; nutritionally and training wise! They say change can be as good as a holiday- thanks for the vacation, but I’m enjoying being home 😜
1 week charging hard but respecting the need to re-build has left me thriving... and incredibly grateful for the body.

I like plans, i had plans for training that didn’t happen, trips for life that i didn’t take and i didn’t like that. Now, i feel so calm and concentrated on the things that i can control, believing in myself and the amazing days awaiting me. I love that a sunrise is another opportunity to try again and that’s all we can do. Right now the only priority is: get up, lace up, show up... the rest is extra! Bliss.

Up and down, around and around. Like many good lives you realise how lucky a moment is after the moment has passed.
Right now, it’s about focusing on the now. Appreciating the beauty of movement, community, strength and progress.

Let’s go go another day, another opportunity
Remember; GET up, LACE up, SHOW up.. i believe in you .

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lucybartholomew17Nothing makes me happier then moving on trails, in the mountains and in the sun

Sponsored by Salomon Australia, Suunto and CLIF bar..and my mum and dad

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