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Magda Boulet

Magda BouletU.S. Olympic marathoner Magdalena Lewy Boulet is a professional athlete focusing on ultra and trail running.
Website : http://www.MagdaBoulet.com
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/runboulet/

Le 20-06-2018 :
Lunch goals! Sprouts: plant seedlings that are… https://t.co/Ho8NFqjilQ

Le 15-06-2018 :
Happiness is when your kid comes up to you and… https://t.co/SdBHgo6RUj

Le 11-06-2018 :
This is what happens when you let a group of… https://t.co/PE72Kb9aFr

Message de Magda Boulet du 11-06-2018Le 11-06-2018 :
World Triathlon on Twitter : First of many more to come. So proud of you @ChelseaSodaro https://t.co/mBYUPyqQrn
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Le 07-06-2018 :
Happy #globalrunningday friends! It’s difficult… https://t.co/EnYxvenRaz

Le 01-06-2018 :
Nutritious & Delicious. Rainbow chard,… https://t.co/JE8S4mvRj8

Le 19-05-2018 :
Post run strides chasing this guy. #weekend… https://t.co/ynr7shnJa9

Le 16-05-2018 :
I used buy sprouted lentils until recently when… https://t.co/1DC4p7wsqo

Le 14-05-2018 :
Mother’s Day kiss from my furry baby. #smilesformiles #furrybaby… https://t.co/hpWtzvINxU

Le 09-05-2018 :
And just like that we have a teenager in our home. Happy Birthday… https://t.co/fYmKOj9nxQ

Message de Magda Boulet du 04-05-2018Le 04-05-2018 :
Outdoor Industry on Twitter : Take action to protect the #PlacesWePlay https://t.co/huLUIZYcHv
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Message de Magda Boulet du 03-05-2018Le 03-05-2018 :
iRunFar: Your Trail Running & Ultramarathon Resource : I wrote about my Marathon Des Sables race on https://t.co/eSWm1K0k0Y with hopes to share… https://t.co/tYQQEJgFSt
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Message de Magda Boulet du 02-05-2018Le 02-05-2018 :
Thank you @SonyaLooney for taking me down the memory lane during our fun interview. https://t.co/XTpsDyqKjP
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Message de Magda Boulet du 28-04-2018Le 28-04-2018 :
Dogsorcaravan on Twitter : Go @dylanbo https://t.co/pTgCl0doGE
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Le 27-04-2018 :
The ultimate ultra-challenge for the body and mind. Thank you @Talkultra for capturing my joy… https://t.co/Ka1d70428C

Message de Magda Boulet du 24-04-2018Le 24-04-2018 :
MESSENGERS Film Screening with Director Greg Balkin and Olympian Magda Boulet : It's TONIGHT "MESSENGERS Film Screening with Director Greg Balkin and Olympian Magda Boulet" https://t.co/t6sy0Dmcjq @Eventbrite
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Le 22-04-2018 :
Protect, Respect and Embrace the #PlacesWePlay 🌏❤️ #EarthDay #earthdayeveryday #MishuWithTheEars… https://t.co/VsxeGipDYR

Le 16-04-2018 :
I’m so happy for you Desi. Such a boss. You’ve earned this @des_linden 👊🏃🏽‍♀️💪🏻❤️🤗

Le 15-04-2018 :
I am so proud to become a finisher of the grueling @marathonDsables race. The harder the… https://t.co/HshLwL0QEJ

Message de Magda Boulet du 06-04-2018Le 06-04-2018 :
Billy Yang on Twitter : Because this matters 🙏👊 https://t.co/Tj4Oyppkt2
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Le 04-04-2018 :
In my preparation for this self-supported multi-day stage race in the Sahara Desert I learned a… https://t.co/acmJF7lbI3

Le 03-04-2018 :
“It’s okay to be scared. Being scared means you’re about to do something really, really brave.”… https://t.co/OTsiojnPhK

Message de Magda Boulet du 29-03-2018Le 29-03-2018 :
Sonya Looney on Twitter : It was an honor to chat with you @SonyaLooney https://t.co/1y3CPt2Jww
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Le 24-03-2018 :
There are many ways to enjoy a #GUstroopwafel, but my favorite is to in the middle of a long run… https://t.co/9HVObEAayc

Le 23-03-2018 :
Happy weekend friends! I will be searching for beaches and more sand running in my final prep… https://t.co/htfZWwmxWs

Le 22-03-2018 :
Plants for Life. If I had to eat one meal for the rest of my life this would be an example.… https://t.co/uJRXZG3Bsl

Le 21-03-2018 :
To be honest, I'm more than a little intimidated by the Saharan heat I'll endure during Marathon… https://t.co/weSOaKOzCJ

Le 19-03-2018 :
I’m in puppy heaven. Perfect end to a long run today. Ran from Bear Valley in Olema on some of… https://t.co/ZcheWLIV63

Le 15-03-2018 :
We both ran at Cal.
We both live in the East Bay.
We both ran in the Olympics.
We are both… https://t.co/JXTsOWnMBj

Le 14-03-2018 :
Marathon Des Sables heat training begins this week. Rainy and cool Bay Area weather is forcing… https://t.co/nvT0U52PL0

Message de Magda Boulet du 13-03-2018Le 13-03-2018 :
Runners Respond to Attack on Public Lands by Creating One Glorious Relay Event : Thank you @runnersworld for sharing this story! Runners Respond to Attack on Public Lands by...
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Le 12-03-2018 :
Yesterday I spent the morning with the Running for a Better Oakland (RBO) kids, who were told… https://t.co/JO2TqtFH7s

Le 08-03-2018 :
Today I am grateful for all the badass women in my life. #WomenWhoFly. What does it mean to me… https://t.co/S0j2vC4xT7

Message de Magda Boulet du 08-03-2018Le 08-03-2018 :
A 250-mile protest run: the fight to save Navajo land and US national parks : A 250-mile protest run: the fight to save Navajo land and US national parks https://t.co/5ShKL8qlfB...
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Le 06-03-2018 :
“Persistence and resilience only come from having been given the chance to work through… https://t.co/itook4FIWV

Le 04-03-2018 :
Back to back long runs sometimes require extra treats before heading out the door. Toasted… https://t.co/hf5dV4lI3T

Le 04-03-2018 :
Post long run naps & cuddles ☔️🐶❤️ #puppy #puppylove #MishuWithTheEars #longrun #trailrunning… https://t.co/HDieXxoIAi

Le 03-03-2018 :
Slept in this morning. Woke up to a fresh pot of coffee. Filled out the @iRunFar trail running environmental survey. Became a patron for @BillyYang Film. ...

Le 02-03-2018 :
t.co : 25 years, seriously? So here is my lstory of how I found GU. Back in 1999, I was a struggling… https://t.co/4ApQKHTZMr
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Le 01-03-2018 :
I would be running on the clouds if these trees weren’t in my way. #HOKAcavu #GUforit… https://t.co/QNyMnjMkOi

Le 23-02-2018 :
Live as puppies do. Everything is an awesome adventure. #MishuWithTheEars #puppylove… https://t.co/e4s6aiD9Vy

Le 20-02-2018 :
Often during training phases of higher volume I experience stiffness in my lower back. The… https://t.co/oi5ToFaOgy

Le 19-02-2018 :
A little running session on sand today because I’m two months out from one of the most extreme… https://t.co/lbggq8I2gm

Le 17-02-2018 :
Puppy Ears ❤️🐶 #MishuWithTheEars #PuppyEasrs #PuppyLove #DogLover #DogLife https://t.co/cYTTC2YKoO

Le 14-02-2018 :
Tish Hamilton on Twitter : Thank you for the Q&A and all the love @TheMotherRunner. I can’t wait for the the Live Podcast with you all on March 15th...
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Message de Magda Boulet du 11-02-2018Le 11-02-2018 :
Magda Boulet on Instagram: “How did we get so lucky again?Found this sweet puppy at the Berkeley City Shelter and fell in love with him right away. We have been…”...
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Le 03-02-2018 :
Restoration of the historic #dipsea stairs is looking really good and I found the @guenergylabs… https://t.co/VjqfBouVX9

Le 02-02-2018 :
Running completes me and makes me more resilient. Every year as a runner I crave deeper… https://t.co/W7tWVFPNiR

Le 31-01-2018 :
#REPOST from @lennecefer “Messengers” is a film about running 250 miles across southwestern Utah… https://t.co/lQDIoMUyx8

Le 28-01-2018 :
Facebook Live today at 4pm on Sharman Ultra. Join me if you have any running related questions.… https://t.co/WofOozn4jo

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Plus d'infos sur Magda Boulet

U.S. Olympic marathoner Magdalena Lewy Boulet earned a spot on the U.S. Olympic Team by finishing second in the 2008 U.S. Women's Olympic Marathon Trials. Leading for much of the 26.2-mile race, she finished in 2 hours, 30 minutes, 19 seconds.

Magda, a native of Poland, represented the United States at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. Magda became a U.S. citizen on the morning of September 11, 2001. She earned her bachelor's degree in human biodynamics from U.C. Berkley in 1997 and a master's degree in exercise physiology from Cal State Hayward.

Magda lives in Oakland, California with her husband Richie, one of the United States' best milers in the 1990s, and their son Owen. In 2003, she returned to her alma mater as a coach for the Golden Bear cross country program, where she coached cross country and distance events for 2 years. Magda is coached by Jack Daniels, Ph.D., a world-renowned authority on distance running. Magda has been under the guidance of coach Daniels since 2001.

Currently Magda leads Innovation & Product Development at GU Energy Labs.

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