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Weird exotic sometimes dangerous creatures have always fascinated me much...

Martin Gaffuri, le texte de sa publication du 20-11-2018 22:17:11 :
Weird exotic sometimes dangerous creatures have always fascinated me much more than the likes of cats and dogs that we see so many of.
A bit like people, I seek the difference, uniqueness and weirdness in people more than so called qualities.

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martin.gaffuriEn live de Chamonix pour la WebTV UTMB !

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Message de Martin Gaffuri du 19-11-2018Le 19-11-2018 :
Running in Paris is a bit like Life.
You can choose to be like everyone else and have it crowded, stressful and polluted or you can chose to go through the...
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Message de Martin Gaffuri du 15-11-2018Le 15-11-2018 :
#tbt improvised photoshoot with @lloyd_belcher while checking out the the Lantau 2Peaks course in Hong Kong.
Still one of my favorite shots to date, despite the clown outfit!
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Message de Martin Gaffuri du 12-11-2018Le 12-11-2018 :
Mudfest!! Getting to run on old XC training grounds brings back lots of good memories. And no better fuel than my mum's home made dishes 🥘 🥗 👅!
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Message de Martin Gaffuri du 07-11-2018Le 07-11-2018 :
"competition is enjoyable only when it is a means to perfect one's skills; when it becomes an end in itself, it ceases to be fun"
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Message de Martin Gaffuri du 01-11-2018Le 01-11-2018 :
#tbt Almost 10 years since I first visited The Wave for the first time. Still looks unreal and remains one of the most sunning places I ran through.
Ca fait presque...
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20-11-2018 20:41:09

Message de Tom Owens du 20-11-2018Isle of Jura looking might fine on post survey bike spin. Spotted a seal too :)
@kineticasports @billybilslandcycles @ Kilberry Bay
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It’s a little bit of work but when you can eat...
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20-11-2018 19:44:48

Message de Rickey Gates du 20-11-2018The gantry crane back there is the tallest in the world. Built in 1947, the Hunters Point behemoth stands taller than the Statue of Liberty, weighs more than the Eiffel...
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Gediminas GriniusGediminas Grinius
20-11-2018 19:41:42

Message de Gediminas Grinius du 20-11-2018Exploring hidden gems on Oman by UTMB course put the smile back on my face. Trails are full of everything, easy runnable parts suddenly vanish and become super technical, bald...
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Joe Grant - Alpine WorksJoe Grant - Alpine Works
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Message de Joe Grant - Alpine Works du 20-11-2018Gold Hill • Hieizan • Grand Canyon #details
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