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Just another a lake on fire nested in NZ mountains,...

Martin Gaffuri, le texte de sa publication du 28-01-2019 09:54:58 :
Just another a lake on fire nested in NZ mountains, no big deal ✌️

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martin.gaffuriEn live de Chamonix pour la WebTV UTMB !

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Message de Martin Gaffuri du 27-01-2019Le 27-01-2019 :
Hypothesis of the day: "No matter how much he will flap his (skinny) wings, a human won't fly" #check
#jump #brige #blue #pool #nz #river #cold #pinkycold
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Message de Martin Gaffuri du 24-01-2019Le 24-01-2019 :
Well I won't lie, today's session sucked.😵
Training isn't always about floating through beautiful landscapes. Actually more often than not, you hit the pain cave, you hurt, your body screams to...
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Message de Martin Gaffuri du 20-01-2019Le 20-01-2019 :
Today was about running with a smile on, dressed as a 🐐 , and put that smile on other people's face. Mission accomplished ✌️
That plus free 🍻 #win
📷 Ruth...
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Message de Martin Gaffuri du 20-01-2019Le 20-01-2019 :
Emu et super content pour toi. Bravo championne et merci à tous ceux qui te soutiennent pour te permettre d'accomplir tout ça... c'est que le début!
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Message de Martin Gaffuri du 17-01-2019Le 17-01-2019 :
Goes in pair with a hard session and sure leaves a memorable taste in the mouth...
It could be blood, but it's actually Stimium Antioxidant drink 💯!
This won't turn you into...
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Landie GreylingLandie Greyling
28-01-2019 04:45:01

Message de Landie Greyling du 28-01-2019“It’s a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your front door. You step onto the road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there’s no knowing where you might be swept...
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Anna Mae FlynnAnna Mae Flynn
28-01-2019 03:24:51

Message de Anna Mae Flynn du 28-01-2019Triple Crown sent 🎿 🏔 “I know that I shall meet my fate somewhere in the clouds above”. -W.B. Yeats... @dougstenclik @the.hamtron
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Cody LindCody Lind
28-01-2019 02:38:20

Message de Cody Lind du 28-01-201924hrs and 20 minutes. That’s how long this weekends vacation was. Last minute decisions lead to picking a direction out the backyard, driving, exploring, and simply seeing what was there....
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Sage CanadaySage Canaday
28-01-2019 01:37:24

Message de Sage Canaday du 28-01-2019Sometimes you have to slow down (or speed up?) and enjoy the 🌅 #sunset. Sunrises are cool too but lets be real I don’t like waking up that early when...
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Joe Grant - Alpine WorksJoe Grant - Alpine Works
28-01-2019 00:42:07

Message de Joe Grant - Alpine Works du 28-01-2019Long run to town and back getting the legs conditioned for Running Up For Air, UT in a couple of weeks. #liverunrepeat
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