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The picture shows positive attitude, a decent stride and a...

Martin Gaffuri, le texte de sa publication du 14-04-2019 15:27:46 :
The picture shows positive attitude, a decent stride and a smile.
But don't get fooled, as history was dramatically different! No legs, no juice, felt sick, threw up, bonked which eventually erased whatever was left of my racing attitude.
So spirits evolved towards making the best out of what I was given on the day. I went on to perform cheese and saucisson tasting at the last aid station and strolled the last 10k with a buddy who was having the same day as mine 🤘
Still happy to have crossed the finish line and even though very slowly, to have been able to cover 43k on foot.
Contemplating what other activities I could to to perform a little better than running and so far I came up with fart contests and wine tasting. Any other suggestion??

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martin.gaffuriEn live de Chamonix pour la WebTV UTMB !

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