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Fly high! I don’t like when people try to cut your...

Martina Valmassoi, le texte de sa publication du 04-07-2019 19:12:04 :
Fly high!
I don’t like when people try to cut your wings.
I’m not talking about myself but about @davidemagnini the young man who just crushed the @marathondumontblanc last Sunday.
He qualified for the European Championship of Mountain Running months ago winning the selection race. Today the manager of the team pulled him out because he raced last weekend. They established a rule that you are not allowed to compete the week before the race.
Or more specifically he was allowed to race easy or to take the start and then drop.
So if he would have done a bad race at this time he would have been probably still in the National team.
I don’t know yourself, but I personally think that races where you can just have a pair of shoes, train, register, and show your value are the ones that really count.
Because sure next weekend there’s gonna be one less top player at the start, because someone else decided it.
📷 @davidgonthier

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martina.valmassoiA simple small girl who loves Skimountaineering,eating,running,chilling and put nailpolish... :)

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