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6 of us came from Bend to compete in the...

Max King, le texte de sa publication du 01-04-2019 01:15:12 :
6 of us came from Bend to compete in the Grand Traverse this year and I can’t speak for the other 5, but at 3am engulfed in darkness in the middle of the Rockies, arms cramping, arches aching, I realized I had no business “competing” in the Grand Traverse ski race.
This one is going to deserve a full blog post but in short this was a slog and not a particularly fun one. In the end it was definitely the altitude that took us from a decent finish to a still respectable but less than hoped 15th place but there were many things that fell into place to make this finish particularly miserable. When you find your mind going to “I can’t wait for this to be over” state in the first 15min of a race that could (and did) take over 8hrs, that’s a bad sign and you know you’re into a long day, or in this case, a cold, dark, long night.
I am extremely happy we finished this one and pretty happy with our finish in the end. And hey, we made it to Aspen, not something that many Grand Traversers over the last few years can say. So there was an upside.
Pretty fun to bring a big contingent of Bendites to Crested Butte for the weekend too. Now back to crushing miles in the car.
I do need to fix some boot problems for these long Traverse races...or not do long Traverse races. Yup, there’s the solution. Now, back to running.
#timetoplay @salomonrunning @guenergylabs @swiftwicksocks #crestedbutte

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max.king.9828Hangin out in Central Oregon with great trails and great beer.

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