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Hey guys, a lot of people have asked what I...

Michael Wardian, le texte de sa publication du 27-07-2018 22:16:59 :
Hey guys, a lot of people have asked what I like to do post run so I made this little video, hope it helps. It shows, Deadbugs (💀 🐛), Bridges, Birdbogs (🐦 🐕) got these from Jesse Fuller #gym #deadbugs #bridges #birdbog #strengthtraining

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michaelwardianMarathon and Ultramarathon Runner-Endurance Athlete-Enjoys adventure travel

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Message de Michael Wardian du 27-07-2018Le 27-07-2018 :
The 10 Worst Countries in the World for Vegetarians : Pretty funny, been to most of these places a a vegetarian and definitely a challenge: https://www.fodors.com/news/photos/the-10-worst-countries-in-the-world-for-being-vegetarian
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Message de Michael Wardian du 27-07-2018Le 27-07-2018 :
Meet the Man Who Just Ran the Entire Tour de France Route : Super cool. Just got this from seriously like 3 people in 5 mins 🤔🤔🤔🤔https://www.runnersworld.com/news/a22552890/peter-thompson-runs-tour-de-france-course/?utm_content=2018-07-26&utm_campaign=Rundown&utm_source=runnersworld.com&utm_medium=newsletter&smartcode=YN_0005161828_0001675544&sha1hashlower=3d70b223118b39d2921862b0d05f4c0002a36ee6&md5hash=76a3e68501a0eec91214d24ec88fd2f0
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Message de Michael Wardian du 26-07-2018Le 26-07-2018 :
#tbt to Hardrock Endurance Run dreaming of being back in the ⛰ with like minded people. 📷 Paul Nelson #mountains #wildflowers #hr100 #trails #trailrunning #running #100miles
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Message de Michael Wardian du 25-07-2018Le 25-07-2018 :
My first gym session post Hardrock Endurance Run with Jesse Fuller started easy and got straight up HARD but I ❤️ getting after it. #plank #gym #hr100
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Message de Michael Wardian du 24-07-2018Le 24-07-2018 :
Feel so fortunate to have gotten to share the ⛰ of Colorado with my family & so many like minded people these last few weeks. I will not forget the...
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Meb KeflezighiMeb Keflezighi
27-07-2018 18:54:55

Message de Meb Keflezighi du 27-07-2018Alway an HONOR to meet and run with fellow runners.
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Genevieve LacazeGenevieve Lacaze
27-07-2018 16:33:48

Message de Genevieve Lacaze du 27-07-2018Lighter, faster 🏋🏼‍♀️ #snatch
My gym program by @matt_delancey keeps me strong but more importantly, healthy! 💪🏾 #Weights #doubledays
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Mo FarahMo Farah
27-07-2018 15:28:11

Message de Mo Farah du 27-07-2018Happy Friday people....!!! YeeeeeZzzzzzz!!
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Kim ConleyKim Conley
27-07-2018 15:14:23

Message de Kim Conley du 27-07-2018‘I’ve changed my mind about confidence now. Last track season went extremely well because I had confidence. I didn’t get nervous, I just went out and ran, and I ran...
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Harvey Lewis - Ultra RunnerHarvey Lewis - Ultra Runner
27-07-2018 14:44:14

Message de Harvey Lewis - Ultra Runner du 27-07-2018Based on Tracey’s post from yesterday, my father knows me very well.

Kelly and I set out with her three kids for Whitney yesterday at 4am with my friend Alann...
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