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#tbt so stoked to have gotten to race the Hirus...

Michael Wardian, le texte de sa publication du 13-12-2018 08:30:49 :
#tbt so stoked to have gotten to race the Hirus Ultra Marathon 80K can’t believe it has been less than a week since I toed the line. At the award ceremony I got to met Moshe Lion the Mayor of Jerusalem Running is so cool in that you meet so many people you wouldn’t normally ever bump into. If you are looking for an incredibly well supported, challenging & straight up fun race to run 🏃‍♀️ 🏃 I would highly recommend the Hirus ultramarathon The aid stations are stocked with enthusiastic volunteers & great food at all hours. The course is urban but mountainous, you start at 10:30pm so you get to run all night through the trails around the city. As sun breaks over the trails & you are climbing the last of the 3000 meters-9800 feet, you know you have just achieved something as the technical, rocky, wet terrain has pushed you & tried to break you but the finish is worth the battle as the organization takes great care of you with warm food, tents and awards. 🙏 Canaan Running for everything #running #trailrunning #trails

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michaelwardianMarathon and Ultramarathon Runner-Endurance Athlete-Enjoys adventure travel

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