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Chuck Norris to Host 5K Where Everyone Is to Dress Up As Chuck Norris par Michael Wardian - 24-01-2019

Michael Wardian, le texte de sa publication du 24-01-2019 02:41:14 :
Chuck Norris to Host 5K Where Everyone Is to Dress Up As Chuck Norris : Finally....this has been a dream for so long. Thank you so much for making it come true 😉

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michaelwardianMarathon and Ultramarathon Runner-Endurance Athlete-Enjoys adventure travel

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Message de Michael Wardian du 23-01-2019Le 23-01-2019 :
Zombie 🧟‍♂️ arms with pelvic tilt trying to keep it controlled & deliberate to stretch out hips post #hurt100 & travel with Jesse Fuller. Feeling good for World Marathon Challenge...
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Message de Michael Wardian du 22-01-2019Le 22-01-2019 :
Home for 4 days: time to repack, refuel & reset after #hurt100!
Short but sweet visit means I can #eatlikeagoat before heading to S. Africa to meet up with @worldmarathonchallenge777
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Message de Michael Wardian du 22-01-2019Le 22-01-2019 :
Just getting back from #hurt100 but kept legs active & muscles pliable during long trip with resistance bands. Do you do anything similar? Super easy and showed a few...
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Message de Michael Wardian du 21-01-2019Le 21-01-2019 :
5:23:20 solo mile post #hurt100 Here is the last 100 meters & feeling the effort 🏃😳. I thought it was just in my head that I was breathing that hard...it...
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Message de Michael Wardian du 20-01-2019Le 20-01-2019 :
26:57:37-10th place @ #hurt100 crazy awesome race, tough, muddy, technical, rooty, hilly, with incredible athletes. So stoked to get run with @sabrinaleannstanley @runcandicerun @dirtdiva333 Jade & Nick & Nathan &...
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Message de Stephanie Bruce du 23-01-2019Copenhagen with a twist. This exercise was impossible for me within the first year after having my kids. I feel the adductors are an area that get wrecked and weakened...
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Message de Kara Goucher du 23-01-2019Came home to find this @puffymattress, so last night we rolled it out and gave it a try! We slept great! The coolest part is through their charity program, Puffy...
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Message de Mo Farah du 23-01-2019Session this morning..!! #mudaneteam #mofarah #sirmofarah
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