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If you haven’t tried this it is super tough &...

Michael Wardian, le texte de sa publication du 22-08-2018 13:48:00 :
If you haven’t tried this it is super tough & a bit addictive 😉. You just need someone willing to 🤛 you 🙏 Jesse Fuller #gym #gymworkouts #weighttraining #workout #wednesdayworkout

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michaelwardianMarathon and Ultramarathon Runner-Endurance Athlete-Enjoys adventure travel

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Message de Michael Wardian du 21-08-2018Le 21-08-2018 :
Only been 🏠 a few hours and still have Maine in my mind. Will be back for sure. The view from the top of #cadillacmountain in @acadianps is spectacular...
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Message de Michael Wardian du 20-08-2018Le 20-08-2018 :
Because when you have a 6 hour layover in Boston you got visit. See you soon @bostonmarathon @teambaa @dmsesports #boston #bostonmarathon #cuongsvegan #makewayforducklings
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Message de Michael Wardian du 20-08-2018Le 20-08-2018 :
🙏 Crow Athletics & Gary Allen for☝️ of the most unique buckles I have ever earned. I have been proudly rocking it since Saturday night & don’t know when...
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Message de Michael Wardian du 20-08-2018Le 20-08-2018 :
Spent the afternoon laughing & cheesing it up with my sister, Mariele, @marielmouse_1 @acadianps on the trails. We had a terrific time and man do I ❤️ her #siblings...
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Message de Michael Wardian du 18-08-2018Le 18-08-2018 :
Huge thank you to Gary Allen and the entire team Crow Athletics for such an incredible race #greatcranberryisland100 was stunning. My sister, Mariele @marielmouse_1 helped me so much...
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a good man who have spend more than half of his life time in Kenya. Only to see good in education and athletics prosperity....
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Message de Stephanie Bruce du 21-08-2018What are you doing on Sunday November 4th? Me... I’m just racing the NYC MARATHON with a ridiculously deep women’s field. So if you need me for the next 10...
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