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Peter Stetina

Peter StetinaThe Official Athlete Page for Peter Stetina. Professional Cyclist.
Website : https://racing.trekbikes.com/riders/trek-segafredo-men/peter-stetina
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/peterstetinaofficial/

Message de Peter Stetina du 03-09-2019Le 03-09-2019 :
a small selection of photos via Getty Images from the first 9 days of La Vuelta
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Message de Peter Stetina du 24-08-2019Le 24-08-2019 :
Stetina's off-road adventuring sets him up for Vuelta – VeloNews.com : Grassroots racing and grand tours; like PB &J. Who knew?

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Message de Peter Stetina du 16-08-2019Le 16-08-2019 :
Trek-Segafredo announces its Vuelta a España team | Trek Race Shop : See you in Spain next week!
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Message de Peter Stetina du 09-07-2019Le 09-07-2019 :
NEWSFLASH! The Stetina's Paydirt Prospect registration is open! www.prospectride.com. 10 spots remain for an all inclusive wknd. Its gonna be a wild ride.
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Message de Peter Stetina du 11-06-2019Le 11-06-2019 :
cxmagazine.com : Peter Stetina rode a Trek Checkpoint gravel bike with custom art for the 2019 Dirty Kanza 200. We took a look at his bike right after his 2nd-place...
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Message de Peter Stetina du 27-05-2019Le 27-05-2019 :
😍 This bike has my life story across it. And I'm stoked to announce her maiden voyage will be the Dirty Kanza The World's Premier Gravel Race 200 this Saturday!...
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Message de Peter Stetina du 12-05-2019Le 12-05-2019 :
Cyclocross Magazine : Never thought I'd be in a CX magazine, the world is full of wonders;)
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Message de Peter Stetina du 04-05-2019Le 04-05-2019 :
Introducing my Trek-Segafredowhip for tomorrow. Had a lot of questions about my setup for tomorrow's Canyon Belgian Waffle Ride
I'm well taken care of, have a listen🔊
#schoolisinsession #listenupkids #chooseyourweapon #dontbringaknifetoagunfight
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Message de Peter Stetina du 29-04-2019Le 29-04-2019 :
See you guys Sunday at Canyon Belgian Waffle Ride! Time for some gravel fun before AToC. Trek-Segafredo and I have had some new adventures planned since last fall...
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Message de Peter Stetina du 12-03-2019Le 12-03-2019 :
Click here to support Nash Reijnen in Memoriam organized by Jordan Reijnen : My close friend, Kiel Reijnen, lost his brother last week. He leaves behind a wife and 2yr...
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Message de Peter Stetina du 10-03-2019Le 10-03-2019 :
Yesterday garners the definition of Epic. The Bike Monkey Fish Rock, on a nice day a route to be feared, was an avg 39f with sideways rain and even hail....
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Message de Peter Stetina du 22-02-2019Le 22-02-2019 :
velonews.com : The 31-year-old American endured two tough seasons but is primed and ready for a better 2019.
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Message de Peter Stetina du 15-02-2019Le 15-02-2019 :
Cycling for Water : Now this is something RAD I can get behind: Doing the Race Across America for a cause, what a way to push yourself! Please consider donating
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Message de Peter Stetina du 01-01-2019Le 01-01-2019 :
The 2019 colors
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Message de Peter Stetina du 02-11-2018Le 02-11-2018 :
Presenting the new-old 2019 colors 😍#retro Trek-Segafredo Santini Cycling Wear Splunk Segafredo USA
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Le 07-09-2018 :
Weather forecast is PERFECT. any Interbike peeps wanna enjoy some outdoor fun before the show starts?

Message de Peter Stetina du 29-08-2018Le 29-08-2018 :
This was a killer day last year. Ride, wine, lunch, more wine, trash talk, more wine... you should come to Stetina's Sierra Prospect Fine-Dining Gala and bid.
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Message de Peter Stetina du 26-07-2018Le 26-07-2018 :
For any non-riding buddies who still want to party in Tahoe in September. We could use some help and you're of course welcome to the beer release, gala dinner, and...
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Message de Peter Stetina du 29-06-2018Le 29-06-2018 :
When you're training in Switzerland and learn you're not going to the TdF... you go for fondue. And then you send Bauke Mollema and Jasper Stuyven off to France with...
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Message de Peter Stetina du 04-06-2018Le 04-06-2018 :
Location: Passo Giau, Dolomites, Italy.
Reason: Schedule update. I'm returning to this Iconic climb.
To allow myself some extra time to recover from this broken collarbone and (hopefully) prepare for...
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Message de Peter Stetina du 26-05-2018Le 26-05-2018 :
About yesterday. I'm talented at re-growing bone at least. Still on track with Trek-Segafredo. There will be a lot of Zwift rides in the next 2 weeks
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Message de Peter Stetina du 13-05-2018Le 13-05-2018 :
Day 1 of #ProspectTrivia. Rules and question in the Stetina's Sierra Prospect post description below

** Most importantly - Did you tell your mom how much you appreciate her today? Don't...
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Message de Peter Stetina du 19-04-2018Le 19-04-2018 :
Getting the stoke levels up for May 18 Cali stage 6 into South Lake Tahoe, California. Some TV, radio, news interviews and Sprouts Natural Foods Cafe hospitality #locallove #homefieldadvantage
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Message de Peter Stetina du 08-04-2018Le 08-04-2018 :
Do werk #itzulia #basquecountry
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Message de Peter Stetina du 05-04-2018Le 05-04-2018 :
TT protocol: Think slippery, shrink shoulders, drop the head, gap for air, embrace the suffer, stay there #itzulia2018 📸@bettiniphoto
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Message de Peter Stetina du 13-03-2018Le 13-03-2018 :
These guys have been changing my wheel and pushing me back into action faster than I can say "help!" Welcome to Stetina's Sierra Prospect, Shimano-Road! No more excuses that you...
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Message de Peter Stetina du 18-02-2018Le 18-02-2018 :
Oman is a wrap. Majestic country and a damn fun week with these Trek-Segafredo boys. Now back to California. Up next: Catalunya in March. #keeppushing (pic @bettini photo)
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Message de Peter Stetina du 17-02-2018Le 17-02-2018 :
6th on the Green Mtn (which isn't green and does have searing heat) And the race breakfast that provides the power.
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Message de Peter Stetina du 16-02-2018Le 16-02-2018 :
Tour of Oman st.4. Went for the long bomb. Didn't work, but was fun to hit out. pics courtesy @bettiniphoto
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Le 15-02-2018 :
Registration Launch Party ride & raffle, Peter Stetina y participe et nous dit :
See you all Tuesday at Confluence Taproom & Lounge for bikes, beers, snacks, raffles, and a...
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Message de Peter Stetina du 27-01-2018Le 27-01-2018 :
Vuelta San Juan, Argentina. Credit @bettiniphoto
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Le 26-01-2018 :
Retweeted VeloNews (@velonews):

Stetina believes in Mollema's chances to win Tour. "I have been proving myself as a selfless domestique, I take pride in that." https://t.co/lROwBmEO51

Le 26-01-2018 :
Status: Stitches did not pop out & start gushing blood. No result to write home about, but gonna finish this b!%$ch for some good form building #fullspeedaheadcaptain

Le 25-01-2018 :
Thank you @vueltasanjuanok for the race gift!🍷🎁 happy to be escaping the rain in NorCal and getting some summer weather https://t.co/q67j0QfOeb
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Le 24-01-2018 :
Got taken out in the crosswinds. The guy who crashed boomeranged his bike into me. #collateraldamage #assaultwithadeadlyweapon #contactsport

Message de Peter Stetina du 21-01-2018Le 21-01-2018 :
Cyclingnews.com on Twitter : Thanks Cyclingnews for the preseason article. Unfortunately the title is out of context and has nothing to do with the article. And these days ppl only...
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Le 17-01-2018 :
The @TrekBikes Madone. Aka the wingman. #aero #spaceship #science #dopeassh*t #fasterthanyourbike https://t.co/gRNkHgXSev
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Message de Peter Stetina du 14-12-2017Le 14-12-2017 :
Trek-Segafredo on Twitter : Our new 2018 kit. Red is racing only. Fluo is training only (high viz) whaddya think?! https://t.co/LIbaJhciGg
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Message de Peter Stetina du 14-12-2017Le 14-12-2017 :
The Santa Rosa cycling community is incredible. We hold each other up, and rally together. Always. I had so much fun being a part of the fire relief fundraisers over...
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Message de Peter Stetina du 12-12-2017Le 12-12-2017 :
All 2018, I'm proudly racing under the #California banner #SonomaStrong #home
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Le 08-12-2017 :
Tis the season for emergency leg shave hours before flight #TrainingCamp #photoshoots #woolymammoth #caveman #HereWeGoAgain

Message de Peter Stetina du 08-12-2017Le 08-12-2017 :
Cascade Cycling Classic will return for 2018 | Cyclingnews.com : Cascade is a go! right after Cali. #returnofthestache #mustacherides @alex_howes @Kielreijnen @TheBoulderSC https://t.co/H4zW7OrLyD
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Le 01-12-2017 :
Zwift : exactly 24 hours from now, I will clip into @GoZwift as we pedal for @PowerOfBicycles 8am. Join me! #pedalforapurpose https://t.co/sFxP1BZRhM
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Message de Peter Stetina du 28-11-2017Le 28-11-2017 :
Team up with World Bicycle Relief : I'm clipping in at 8am pacific this Saturday. Join myself, Trek-Segafredo and other pros, and Trek Bicycle will donate even more!
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Le 27-11-2017 :
That moment you realize the only service station on 5hr ride closes in 5min and you're 8min away. #organicintervals #TT #madeit 😥

Message de Peter Stetina du 15-11-2017Le 15-11-2017 :
The Grateful Table : An iconic setting, tasty food, all for #firerelief. I will regrettably be out of town but seats still available for The Grateful Table @VisitCA https://t.co/JFpGctNWlZ
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Message de Peter Stetina du 09-11-2017Le 09-11-2017 :
Sagan Rides for #SonomaPride : Nov28. Peter Sagan comes to Santa Rosa, California for the ultimate #firerelief charity ride! Ride with us, then party with us at Trail House. I'm...
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Message de Peter Stetina du 09-11-2017Le 09-11-2017 :
These Legs Were Made in Cycling : Extended cut: This is one of the few times I've gone deeper inside the Frankenleg tale and how I operate since April 2015....
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Le 04-11-2017 :
2 things: Trek Bicycle is donating bikes to any kids bikes lost from #northbayfires https://bikesonoma.formstack.com/forms/trekbikeaid 2. Tomorrow 12pm, ride with me, eat tacos, and drink beer Trail House https://www.facebook.com/events/2021110171445750/?active_tab=about #firerelief

Message de Peter Stetina du 31-10-2017Le 31-10-2017 :
Listen up y'all. 📣 #firerelief #charity #community #sonomastrong
Saturday at Trail House https://t.co/f6T3x0ouOt
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Plus d'infos sur Peter Stetina

DOB: 08-08-1987
Height: 180cm, 5'11"
Weight: 62kg, 137lbs
Speciality: GC, Climbing

2015: Broke right tibia, patella and five ribs in a crash on Stage 1 of Vuelta al Pais Vasco April 6. Returned to action after nearly 17 weeks to compete at the Larry H. Miller Tour of Utah and place 81st overall. Underwent surgery in mid-September to remove a rod, a plate and 14 screws from his right leg.

Known for being a talented climber and loyal mountain domestique. Has been an active part in bringing home wins in the 2012 Giro d'Italia, 2013 Tour of Utah, Liege-Bastogne-Liege, 2015 Tour Down Under, 2013 Volta Catalunya

Won two Under 23 U.S. national time trial championships (2008, 2009), 1 Junior Road Race Championship, and numerous Best Young Rider and KOM jerseys.

Son of renowned professional Dale Stetina, a past U.S. national road and time trial champion (1980), Olympian (1976, 1980) and two-time winner of the Coors Classic (1979, 1983).
Current Team: Trek-Segafredo
Co-founder Stetina's Sierra Prospect https://www.facebook.com/sierraprospect/
Born: Boulder, CO.
Resides: Santa Rosa, CA.
2nd Home: Tahoe, CA

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