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A late decision to have a run out at Helvellyn...

Ricky Lightfoot, le texte de sa publication du 29-05-2019 18:19:53 :
A late decision to have a run out at Helvellyn and the Dodds on Sunday morning, even on the way there I nearly turned home as I’d forgotten a compass and whistle.

I arrived 15 minutes before the start and realised that Pete Blands wasn’t there to buy some new mandatory kit for the race, so I didn’t enter straight away as I realised I may not find someone to borrow off, luckily, local hero Phil Winskill was there on hand, he gave me his keys to his car and told me to go ratch in his boot for said items, among used underwear and other things probably best not to mention, I didn’t find what I was looking for.

5 minutes to the start - Phil came out and lay his hands on the said compass and whistle so I quickly filled in my entry form and with a minute or so to spare headed to the start

Part of the reason for having a run out was the weather, it’s a lot easier to motivate yourself if coming along to a race rather than a plod around on your own

After 3 races in 8 days and over 10,000 meters ascent this week, It’s time to ease off now as the World Trail is only a couple of weeks away in Portugal

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Salomon Running

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