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Close Encounters of the Third Kind in Cape Town.

Rob Krar, le texte de sa publication du 05-12-2018 16:04:03 :
Close Encounters of the Third Kind in Cape Town.

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robkrarenduranceI run. Far. 100-miles at a time. I go to a dark place and I control the pain.

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Message de Rob Krar du 03-12-2018Le 03-12-2018 :
Sometime you’re the hammer and sometimes you’re the nail. In running and in life, success isn’t defined by any single race, single workout, or single moment. Failure, disappointment, defeat, not...
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Message de Rob Krar du 01-12-2018Le 01-12-2018 :
NEWSLETTER #7: WHAT'S NEW & RKUC REGISTRATION - https://mailchi.mp/bdc29ee9be36/newsletter-7-whats-new-rkuc-registration-486183
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Message de Rob Krar du 29-11-2018Le 29-11-2018 :
NEW FILM JUST DROPPED! It was an honor to work with @movember to share my story, raise awareness, and help remove the stigma surrounding mental health, depression and suicide.

This is...
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Message de Rob Krar du 29-11-2018Le 29-11-2018 :
Mo News: Rob Krar: Running with Depression : The most powerful force in my life. Curious? Give this short film a watch. Honored to be part of this project and...
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Message de Rob Krar du 25-11-2018Le 25-11-2018 :
These feet have taken me places I never could have imagined not too long ago.

Onward to the other side of the world for the @utct 💯

📷 @jamesqmartin
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The blue wave in the House of Representatives could be called a Green Wave. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is gearing up for a #GreenNewDeal, with other smart and...
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Rain has moved in and replaced the smokey skies with soggy maps. @RickeyGates over halfway through the city of San Fransisco, now having covered...
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Message de Vlad Ixel du 05-12-2018Running pictures on Facebook vs Running in real life!

I don’t know about you guys but mid long runs and mid races I’m a f*cking ugly creature 😂 red face,...
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Une interview autour de la Golden Trail Series
En Français par un...
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