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Robin Carpenter

Robin CarpenterA place to keep up with periodic updates about Robin Carpenter, a professional cyclist riding for Holowesko Citadel p/b Hincapie Sportswear
Website : https://twitter.com/RobinmCarpenter
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/robincarpenterofficial/

Message de Robin Carpenter du 26-08-2019Le 26-08-2019 :
First attempt at Brioche Feuilletée went pretty well. No longer afraid of laminating dough. Yeasted dough so kind of cheating but you gotta start somewhere. Delicious! @ UTC San...
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Message de Robin Carpenter du 21-08-2019Le 21-08-2019 :
Figured it’s easier to just talk into the ol selfie camera than type it out 50 times. Flight changed and I’m headed home to see about this knee. Hopefully get...
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Message de Robin Carpenter du 15-08-2019Le 15-08-2019 :
Had to pull out of stage 1 of Arctic race today. After a very hard start I felt a soreness in my right knee that eventually became a stabbing pain...
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Message de Robin Carpenter du 13-08-2019Le 13-08-2019 :
Welp, first race of the block was a bit of a fail. All was going well with @brandon_mcnulty and @adamdevos in a small group 30 seconds up the road on...
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Message de Robin Carpenter du 10-08-2019Le 10-08-2019 :
Hittin it hard tomorrow with some fast flatlanders at the Slag Om Norg (the host town is Norg, and I think Slag is battle?). Hopefully the legs are open after...
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Message de Robin Carpenter du 07-08-2019Le 07-08-2019 :
On my way out of CA to do some more of this. Specifically this actually cause The Koga Slag om Norg is coming up on Sunday! Should be bonkers... @rallyuhccycling...
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Message de Robin Carpenter du 05-08-2019Le 05-08-2019 :
Sometimes you just gotta go for it. - The Robear's 381.5 km bike ride : Decided to ride home from Santa Barbara yesterday. Wasn't sure if I'd make it...
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Message de Robin Carpenter du 03-08-2018Le 03-08-2018 :
Just after the finish Stage 2 Denmark. There's something about Stage 2 that I like...('14 USAPC, '15 ToU, '16 ToU). Stoked to earn a 3rd place here! Photo:...
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Message de Robin Carpenter du 12-03-2018Le 12-03-2018 :
Love a little local road race action! They are becoming rarer every year especially here in Southern California. Support your local promotors, my friends! 🍾🚴‍♂️
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Message de Robin Carpenter du 16-07-2017Le 16-07-2017 :
Cascade Cycling Classic : This coming Wednesday I'll be starting the Cascade Cycling Classic with the goal of defending not only my win from last year but the team's wins...
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Message de Robin Carpenter du 07-07-2017Le 07-07-2017 :
Sunflower Cycling : During the summer of 2012 I spent my first season racing in Europe, learning just how good the top u23 riders really were. I arrived to...
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Message de Robin Carpenter du 19-06-2017Le 19-06-2017 :
Something got lost in translation...regardless it was a great week for the team, Andzs Flaksis, and I felt great. Excited for the national championships next weekend.
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Message de Robin Carpenter du 07-06-2017Le 07-06-2017 :
The Winston Salem Cycling Classic went surprisingly well, well, not so surprisingly if you know the Holowesko Citadel team, but surprising for me personally. I came into the race...
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Message de Robin Carpenter du 09-05-2017Le 09-05-2017 :
Étapes / Stages | Tour de Beauce : I love that Tour de Beauce changes it up every year. The stage maps just got released and as usual it...
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Message de Robin Carpenter du 05-05-2017Le 05-05-2017 :
The races keep coming and the videos will too. This is from the PRT Dana Point GP Criterium this past Sunday. I’ll have one from Redlands up eventually,...
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Message de Robin Carpenter du 02-05-2017Le 02-05-2017 :
Finally got around to culling the footage from the Gila crit. Chose some different music this time. Watch for the Dana Point GP coming soon so a timeline...
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Message de Robin Carpenter du 26-04-2017Le 26-04-2017 :
First Endurance : I've been really happy with our new hydration sponsor First Endurance this year. It's a relief to feel less thirsty and hungry on the bike all...
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Message de Robin Carpenter du 17-04-2017Le 17-04-2017 :
On my way to Tucson to make the drive to Silver City, NM. The Tour of the Gila starts on Wednesday, and will go through Sunday with 5 stages. The...
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Message de Robin Carpenter du 08-04-2017Le 08-04-2017 :
Turns out Adam Mills knows how to take a photograph. And ride some dirt. Although we already knew that one. Nice to see Lake Hodges with some water in it.
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Message de Robin Carpenter du 04-04-2017Le 04-04-2017 :
Someone once told me that I should attach a camera to my bike more often…I made a brief edit of the criterium yesterday with some helpful title pages so that...
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Message de Robin Carpenter du 03-04-2017Le 03-04-2017 :
In a surprise turn of events (surprise for me a anyway) I won the Joe Martin Stage Race criterium solo and took enough bonus seconds to secure the overall win...
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Message de Robin Carpenter du 20-03-2017Le 20-03-2017 :
After what seems like an off-season to last a lifetime, the season is about to kick off for me! I will be racing a semi-local race this weekend in SoCal...
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Le 28-09-2016 :
I don’t usually post about products or sponsors on this page, but this one is important. This is a brief article about Cycliq, their mission, and the special products...

Message de Robin Carpenter du 19-09-2016Le 19-09-2016 :
Road Worlds rosters unveiled - USA Cycling : Guess who just got selected for Worlds?

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Le 17-06-2016 :
2nd place at the Tour de Beauce time trial here in Quebec. First podium of the year! Only took until June! Sheesh. Been close a couple of times. Thanks to...

Message de Robin Carpenter du 16-04-2016Le 16-04-2016 :
Live-Timing.com | Race | ski race results, sports results, USSA, FIS, and Race The Gates live timing : Check out this link for live timing results of today's team time...
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Le 15-04-2016 :
A brief update, if you will. I’m not sure whether or not now is a good time to make this information public, or if that time has passed. ...

Le 20-01-2016 :
Get it while it's hot! What is it really like to race inside of an oven?

Le 18-01-2016 :
Hey look, I wrote a thing! Maybe I'll write more things...


Message de Robin Carpenter du 15-01-2016Le 15-01-2016 :
Nearly to San Luis for an EARLY season leg opener. One more plan ride after 24 hours.
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Message de Robin Carpenter du 22-12-2015Le 22-12-2015 :
Christmastime above Salt Lake City, UT with Hannah's family at their gorgeous mountain home. Seriously does not get any cooler than this! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all!
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Message de Robin Carpenter du 09-12-2015Le 09-12-2015 :
On this day 2 years ago I did a "training" ride in this weather! I'm not sure how I managed to do that day in and day out. I've...
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Le 20-09-2015 :
Last week I bought a cyclocross bike and today I ran 5 km! Surely I've lost my mind.

Le 06-09-2015 :
I've been at home in San Diego, slowly healing (both mentally and physically) from a disastrous USA Pro Challenge. A bad race is also a good reminder of how...

Le 19-08-2015 :
So you may have seen that I got tangled up in a crash on the first stage here at the USA Pro Challenge. A couple of riders right in...

Le 17-08-2015 :
The USA Pro Challenge AKA Tour of Colorado starts this morning with a circuit race in Steamboat Springs and I am feeling stoked! The weather looks beautiful and the week...

Le 11-08-2015 :
We wrapped up a satisfying Tour of Utah on Sunday after the two hardest stages of the week came in the last two days. We finally have a climber...

Le 08-08-2015 :
The page you were looking for doesn't exist (404) : It's been an interesting week at the Tour of Utah. Courses that looked on paper to be relatively benign...
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Message de Robin Carpenter du 05-08-2015Le 05-08-2015 :
Short update: Yesterday I sprinted to 2nd place from a group of around 40 riders at the Tour of Utah! I'm super excited about it. I had a shimano...
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Le 04-08-2015 :
The Tour of Utah started yesterday with a soggy stage from Logan to Bear Lake and back. 135 miles looks big on paper but with a relatively small amount...

Le 25-07-2015 :
The Cascade Cycling Classic has been going well for me and the Hincapie Racing Team. Dion and I are currently sitting in 1st and 2nd overall heading into the...

Le 10-07-2015 :
Been a while! I've been busy at home in San Diego training my ass off for the big races at the end of the season. Tomorrow I'm leaving for...

Le 15-06-2015 :
The Tour de Beauce is (in my opinion) one of the hardest races out there that no one has heard about. A UCI 2.2 event, it flies under the...

Message de Robin Carpenter du 12-06-2015Le 12-06-2015 :
I'm a little late in posting, but the Canadian internet gods frowned upon us for the first couple of days here at the Tour de Beauce.

Philly was incredible...
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Le 06-06-2015 :
Live stream of the 2015 Philadelphia International Cycling Classic : My hometown race, the Philadelphia Cycling Classic will be streamed live here starting at 8 am tomorrow 6/7. Watch the...
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Le 02-06-2015 :
The Winston Salem Cycling Classic turned out to be a raging success for the Hincapie Racing Team on Sunday! The racing in our director, Thomas Craven's hometown proved to be...

Le 27-05-2015 :
Thanks for all of the new likes! I didn't think it would take off so quickly...

Tomorrow I will travel back to the beautiful green east coast to take part in...

Le 26-05-2015 :
Welcome to my newly created athlete page! More updates will be posted soon!

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