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紐西蘭是很安全的國家,好難過看到我們有恐怖攻擊。 It‘s hard to believe that this sort of thing has...

Ruth Croft, le texte de sa publication du 15-03-2019 10:00:10 :
It‘s hard to believe that this sort of thing has happened in our own backyard. Thoughts are with all those in Christchurch today.

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Message de Ruth Croft du 12-03-2019Le 12-03-2019 :
在紐西蘭做馬拉松訓練的時候,我沒想到我會想念台北河邊公園 。
The last date with Camphill Road for a while.
#車子太多了 #路不平
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Message de Ruth Croft du 11-03-2019Le 11-03-2019 :
台灣朋友們,我下個禮拜 (18/3)要回去台北了!Garmin有安排一場分享會 在 Stark.works 史塔克運動科學團隊。想參加的話,可以在下面報名。感謝史塔克運動團隊協辦。下個禮拜見
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Message de Ruth Croft du 11-03-2019Le 11-03-2019 :
Rebecca Wardell cycles from Switzerland to NZ : Nice work, Becky Wardell. Cycling from Switzerland -----> New Zealand (20,000km). The long way home and all to raise awareness and money...
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Message de Ruth Croft du 10-03-2019Le 10-03-2019 :
Short hike, big scenes, good company .
📸 @mattharrisinstant
#lakealta #theremarkables #queenstown
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Le 10-03-2019 :
runromsdal.xn--comhlne-6xah : 想去挪威跑越野嗎?有興趣的話,我的朋友可以當地陪。

If you are interested in running in Romsdal, Norway this summer check out Colin Thornton and Hélène's website for guided mountain and trail running in the area.

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15-03-2019 09:39:16

Message de Scotty Hawker du 15-03-2019So stoked to have my two girls back with me in the Blue Mountains 😊 2 weeks apart was far too long! Today was the first of many more...
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Message de Gediminas Grinius du 15-03-2019reposted from my Instagram

b races are underestimated and it is my secret weapon in the running toolbox to be “normal” once again and enjoy trails, running community and improve myself...
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Martin GaffuriMartin Gaffuri
15-03-2019 07:48:20

AROAH and SUPPORT to those affected in any way by the shootings earlier today in Christchurch.
I am well aware that such atrocities happen often all accross the world, but I...

Sage CanadaySage Canaday
15-03-2019 05:38:54

Message de Sage Canaday du 15-03-2019[yes, i know...my crust needs a little work!]. Baked a #pie today because its π day! Its an apple cinnamon with a little pumpkin-spice filling. I like to nerd out...
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15-03-2019 03:50:39

Linda showed Reed how to make and play with Oobleck. Rocky (Paw Patrol character) was in the wrong place at the wrong time man, just an innocent bystander. If you...

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