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Nothing like coming down off here and having to play...

Ruth Croft, le texte de sa publication du 21-04-2019 10:53:20 :
Nothing like coming down off here and having to play hide and seek in the dark for a couple of hours in search for your stashed camping gear 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️.
📷 @rossgollan
#fiordland #garmin #beatyesterday #scottrunning #tractionmatters

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Message de Ruth Croft du 20-04-2019Le 20-04-2019 :
米佛步道(Milford Track)是紐西蘭九條Great Walks裡面名氣最大的一條步道,位於紐西蘭南島Fiordland 國家公園內。全長53.5km。我這個禮拜終於有機會把它跑完。

We finally made it over Milford Track this week. It was a long day especially when you’re chasing to catch the boat at the other end. ...
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Message de Ruth Croft du 18-04-2019Le 18-04-2019 :
Just a day of lollipops, gumdrops and nice ridgelines . Don’t be fooled ...
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Message de Ruth Croft du 14-04-2019Le 14-04-2019 :
No droves of tourists on this track 🤫. Sunday hikes with @jacq_manson , @jemjemlah , @rtkr_78 , and Katie . Thanks team 🙌
#hiking #wanaka
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Message de Ruth Croft du 13-04-2019Le 13-04-2019 :
The season is off to a start . All the best to the SCOTT Running team this weekend in France .
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Message de Ruth Croft du 13-04-2019Le 13-04-2019 :
Yesterday’s Grandview Range mission on wheels. It’s a tough gig trying to keep up with Hoogs and @orlaithheron .
#grandview #wanaka #mountainbiking
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Stephanie ViolettStephanie Violett
21-04-2019 05:51:18

Message de Stephanie Violett du 21-04-2019I can’t think of anything better to celebrate
Let’s make it official. Sign the petition! 🌎 #earthday #motherearthisamilf
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Caine WarburtonCaine Warburton
21-04-2019 03:44:06

Message de Caine Warburton du 21-04-2019An afternoon of pain looks like.....
EMOM x 30min : 10cal sprint.

#poweredbyagainfaster #assaultbike #crossfit #wod #endurance #stillarunner

@againfasterau @assaultairbike @swanstrongdotcom @salomonrunning @endurasportsnutrition
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Message de Shannon-Leigh - Endurance Athlete du 21-04-2019Hand on ❤️
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Karl EgloffKarl Egloff
21-04-2019 00:41:56

Message de Karl Egloff du 21-04-2019Cargando volúmen en piernas y tiempo para la familia. En el balance está la clave.

Building base and spending time with family. The key is balance.

Movistar Ecuador #MovistarAventuraTeam
BGR Banco General...
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Lucy BartholomewLucy Bartholomew
20-04-2019 21:21:01

Message de Lucy Bartholomew du 20-04-2019“ohana means family. Means no one gets left behind”

For a few years my Dad and i do different training but that doesn’t mean we don’t spend the moments before and...
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