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Ryan Roth

Ryan RothCanadian, professional cyclist racing for team X-Speed United. A joint project to develop cyclists and good humans from Canada, Australia and Hong Kong.
Website : http://www.silberprocycling.com
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/roth.cycling/

Message de Ryan Roth du 09-08-2019Le 09-08-2019 :
My next race!
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Message de Ryan Roth du 06-07-2019Le 06-07-2019 :
Some shots from the crit at Nationals...
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Message de Ryan Roth du 14-05-2019Le 14-05-2019 :
This one really is a classic.
Will be lining up for my 10th start (by my estimation) this Saturday for an extended Provincial Champs version.
Excited to have some X-Speed...
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Message de Ryan Roth du 09-05-2019Le 09-05-2019 :
Looking forward to this one
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Message de Ryan Roth du 03-05-2019Le 03-05-2019 :
Cannondale SystemSix Hi-Mod Ultegra Di2 – VeloNews.com : Velonews review of my bike! Been loving the ride so far.

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Message de Ryan Roth du 28-04-2019Le 28-04-2019 :
Last time I road in that much mud was.....the 2000 Paris to Ancaster Bicycle Race. Spoiler alert: I still suck at riding in the mud. Fun day though and good...
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Message de Ryan Roth du 17-04-2019Le 17-04-2019 :
Great start to the season for X-Speed United with 1st on the stage, best young rider jersey and 2nd in King of the Mountain competitive.

I took the win by...
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Message de Ryan Roth du 07-04-2019Le 07-04-2019 :
Bike: 11/10
Air quality/Visibility: uh...3/10?
• The 11 Inc.
• Cannondale
• X-Speed United
• Infinit Nutrition

#thailand #chiangmai #cannondale #aeroeverywhere
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Message de Ryan Roth du 10-03-2019Le 10-03-2019 :
X-Speed United has some new and innovative things going on behind the scenes....this is one of those things. Follow on fb and insta to keep up to date, can’t mention...
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Message de Ryan Roth du 19-02-2019Le 19-02-2019 :
Anyone want to hit the slopes this afternoon?
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Le 14-02-2019 :
beyondmiles.aeroplan.com : Team X-Speed United will race in over 10 different countries this year providing valuable race experience and most importantly life experience and new cultural appreciation to the athletes...
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Message de Ryan Roth du 02-02-2019Le 02-02-2019 :
After some back and forth with the UCI we are now in officially a continental team. Hats off to team staff who have worked extremely hard to get to this...
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Message de Ryan Roth du 13-01-2019Le 13-01-2019 :
The temporary pro: Dylan McKenna on racing Bay Crits with Katusha Sports | Cyclingnews.com : ICYMI one of my new teammates recently guest road with Katusha at the Bay crit...
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Le 12-12-2018 :
As the year winds down and Silber Pro Cycling transitions into a new project, I just wanted to take a moment to publicly says thanks to all involved over the...

Le 04-09-2018 :
Had a great time racing the 60th Tour di Via Italia on the weekend. Always hard for me to win a flat crit, but luckily the hot temps did some...

Le 18-08-2018 :
I don't know what that looked like, but it sure felt close. Bummed to miss out on a great chance for a stage win today. Also was hard to...

Message de Ryan Roth du 16-08-2018Le 16-08-2018 :
Silber Pro Cycling : I've been pushing for Charles-Étienne Chrétien (CEC) to be nick named Chuck-E-Cheese....so far not much success. But you can read all about him here:
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Message de Ryan Roth du 28-07-2018Le 28-07-2018 :
Fun race last night in Kitchener. Unfortunately a huge storm rolled in forcing the race to be shortened. (Which was a good call) Would have preferred a few more...
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Message de Ryan Roth du 24-07-2018Le 24-07-2018 :
Looking forward to some more Cycle Waterloo action this weekend in Kitchener and Cambridge. Let's see if the crit legs are still there after a little rest post BC Superweek...
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Message de Ryan Roth du 17-06-2018Le 17-06-2018 :
Bittersweet day with Pier-andré Côté taking his second stage win of the tour but losing 2nd overall on their always tough, unpredictable St. Georges circuit. Now for some hard recovery...
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Message de Ryan Roth du 05-06-2018Le 05-06-2018 :
Ran into an old teammate of mine, Andrew Randell while warming up for the race on Sunday We raced together when I was only 19 on Jetfuel and again on...
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Le 03-06-2018 :
Happy to report Travis Samuel takes the win today. I still have a heap of work to do, but good to be back.

Message de Ryan Roth du 31-05-2018Le 31-05-2018 :
Been awhile, but I'll be pinning on some numbers this weekend at the Cycle Waterloo Provincial Road Race Championships . I will be joined by Silber Pro Cycling teammates Travis...
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Message de Ryan Roth du 23-05-2018Le 23-05-2018 :
Morning Ride - Ryan R.'s 160.2 km bike ride : Doing my best to get back in shape for some summer racing. Still a long way to go, but making...
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Le 13-05-2018 :
I've been chatting with some of my favorite people in the cycling world lately and wanted to share a little gem from one of those conversations:

"Finally, a big change...

Message de Ryan Roth du 04-05-2018Le 04-05-2018 :
If stage 1 was cancelled does that make today stage 2 or 3?

Either way the guys down in Redlands tackle the Highland circuit race today. 20 laps of about...
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Le 29-04-2018 :
Gastown >Athens Twilight. Discuss. 😜

Message de Ryan Roth du 06-04-2018Le 06-04-2018 :
Paris-Roubaix finishes off the cobbled classics for another year. I'm adding this sweet POCSports cycling cap, a ball cap from Thule AND bartape to the mix.

Same idea as before:...
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Message de Ryan Roth du 30-03-2018Le 30-03-2018 :
Adding these 2 items to the prize pot for this Sundays race. Doc's Skincare has got you covered for the spring classics and summer sweat sessions. See post below on...
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Message de Ryan Roth du 26-03-2018Le 26-03-2018 :
Going to open up the Flanders podium predictions. Same as last time. To win you have to pick ALL THREE podium places. Put your picks in the order 1-3. Will...
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Le 18-03-2018 :
So nobody was able to pick all three podium finishers for Milan-San Remo. One person had 2 of 3, but it also shows their comment being edited during the race?...

Message de Ryan Roth du 14-03-2018Le 14-03-2018 :
Jersey giveaway! Pick the podium for Milan-San Remo this weekend and I'll send you the jersey. Simple as that. Put your picks in the comments, does not have to...
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Message de Ryan Roth du 09-03-2018Le 09-03-2018 :
Silber Pro Cycling has Yohan Patry, but if you don't, this might be something to look into. Always nice having the power to fix your own mechanical issues.
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Le 03-03-2018 :
Very pleased with my time of 4:23:2 last night in the individual pursuit at Provincial championships. It was interesting to see how a bunch of road riding / climbing at...

Message de Ryan Roth du 21-02-2018Le 21-02-2018 :
Morning Ride - Ryan R.'s 135.8 km bike ride : Cold one on the mountain today, but still had a good day of tempo with Alec. Lots of tri guys...
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Message de Ryan Roth du 08-02-2018Le 08-02-2018 :
Silber Pro Cycling : Check out the new kit from Giordana Cycling. Also, about due for some new socks. Apparently, the most in demand commodity since all mine have...
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Message de Ryan Roth du 30-01-2018Le 30-01-2018 :
Silber Announces 2018 Team : Read all about the 2018 squad with 4 new additions. Still a lot of work to be done before we kick off the season, but...
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Message de Ryan Roth du 28-01-2018Le 28-01-2018 :
No words. Just put the food in my mouth. Recovering hard after this mornings Shootout.
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Message de Ryan Roth du 25-01-2018Le 25-01-2018 :
Last week in Tucson before heading home to some of this. #roadslikethese
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Le 22-01-2018 :
Silber alums Benjamin Perry and Alexander Cataford kicked off their 2018 race season down in Argentina at the Vuelta a San Juan. A box of CLIF Bars says Filippo Ganna...

Message de Ryan Roth du 14-01-2018Le 14-01-2018 :
Getting a little upgrade courtesy of our a Tucson tech guy Richard. Jamis Bikes
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Message de Ryan Roth du 09-01-2018Le 09-01-2018 :
Roth Ranks 5 Silber Standouts of 2017 : A couple of new posts up on the team website for those interested. One even penned by yours truly.


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Message de Ryan Roth du 04-01-2018Le 04-01-2018 :
Off to Tucson today. Secret spy shot at the airport of someone's open messy packing job...sure to give me bad dreams.
Thule can help with that.
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Message de Ryan Roth du 15-12-2017Le 15-12-2017 :
GP Saguenay may not be on in 2018 but we'll still get our share of rainy days and bulldogs in team car with our friends Aevolo @tourdebeauce next June.
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Message de Ryan Roth du 25-10-2017Le 25-10-2017 :
Interesting aside this bike has never seen more than a 21 cog 😀
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Message de Ryan Roth du 30-09-2017Le 30-09-2017 :
Packed up and heading home after a busy week of training and racing Mattamy National Cycling Centre. Thanks Thule for keeping all my Giordana Cycling kit organized, makes my ocd...
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Message de Ryan Roth du 12-08-2017Le 12-08-2017 :
Driving to the start of the stage yesterday....
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Message de Ryan Roth du 27-06-2017Le 27-06-2017 :
Cause you never know on TT day....
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Le 18-06-2017 :
The upside of today is that it will make us a much better, closer team going forward. Pretty damn good upside if you ask me.

Message de Ryan Roth du 03-05-2017Le 03-05-2017 :
The Guage : #racinglife http://wp.me/p6eNTc-VB
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Plus d'infos sur Ryan Roth

Ryan was born in Kitchener, Ontario and currently resides in Guelph, ON. He was always active, playing baseball, hockey and basketball before finding cycling; first through mountain biking in 1997, then cyclocross and finally onto the road. Ryan has won multiple Canadian National Championship medals in the junior, U23 and senior ranks and represented Canada at the 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi, India. Outside of racing, he enjoys relaxing at home, sampling local cuisine and hanging out with friends.

Ryan est né à Kitchener, en Ontario et réside maintenant à Guelph en Ontario également. Il a toujours été très actifs; il a joué au baseball, au hockey et au basketball avant de trouver le cyclisme. Il débuta à vélo de montagne en 1997, suivi du cyclocross et finalement le cyclisme de route. Ryan a gagné de multiple titres de Champion Canadian quand il était junior, U23 et en tant que senior. Il a également représenté le Canada en 2010 à l'occasion des Jeux du Commonwealth à Delhi en India. À l'extérieur de la course, il aime se reposer à la maison, la cuisine local et s'entourer de ses amis.

1re étape de Valley of the Sun Stage Race (TT)

Grand Prix de Springbank

Champion Canadien de route
1st Tro Bro Leon UCI 1.1

1 – UCI 1.2 Univest Grand Prix, USA
10 – Prologue, UCI 2.1 USA Pro Cycling Challenge, USA

1 – Stage 7a, UCI 2.2 Vuelta a Cuba, CUB
2 – UCI 1.2 Chrono Gatineau, CAN
3 – Time trial, Canadian National Championships, CAN
3 – Stage 2, UCI 2.2 Vuelta a Cuba, CUB
4 – Overall GC, UCI 2.2 Vuelta a Cuba, CUB
6 – Stage 6, UCI 2.2 Tour de Beauce, CAN
7 – Stage 4, UCI 2.2 Tour de Beauce, CAN
7 – Stage 1, UCI 2.2 Tour de Beauce, CAN
8 – Overall GC, UCI 2.2 Tour de Beauce, CAN
10 – Time trial, XIX Commonwealth Games, IND
25 – Road race, XIX Commonwealth Games, IND

1 - Stage 7a, UCI 2.2 Vuelta a Cuba, CUB
2 - Stage 1, UCI 2.2 Tour de Beauce, CAN
3 - Road race, Canadian National Championships, CAN
4 - Time trial, Canadian National Championships, CAN

1re étape du Rochester Omnium
2e aux Championnats canadien du contre-la-montre

Classique Montréal-Québec Louis Garneau

Champion Canadien de cyclisme sur route Espoirs
2e des Championnats canadien du contre-la-montre Espoirs
2e du Circuit des Trois Provinces

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