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Grateful to defend my US 10 Mile Championship yesterday !...

Sara Hall, le texte de sa publication du 09-10-2018 00:00:34 :
Grateful to defend my US 10 Mile Championship yesterday ! .
Sometimes we pro runners look like we have it all dialed in. But didn’t feel I had as much momentum physically or mentally going into this one. Had my worst/ most tired workout of the buildup Tuesday, a hamstring flare up that almost prevented me from coming, and didn’t really feel excited to race (emotions get whacked in marathon training!) .
Plus, was in a squabble with my coach 😬 so was having to rely on God for encouragement and pre-race pep talk!
But my hamstring felt great in the race and I felt engaged and excited when the time came. .

After the race, I wrote myself a letter to read the week of @frankfurtmarathon . I told myself there would likely be moments you’re not feeling it, or things aren’t clicking. But focus on what you have come to do. Sometimes you just have to get to the line, and then your body and mind will click in and do what it knows to do!
Glad I didn’t miss it.
📷: @runnerspace

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SaraHallASICSFollower of Jesus & professional track athlete for Asics. Living to see my passions converge, and my athletic endeavors make an impact on social justice.

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One day in Prague, the result of thinking Saturday’s race was on Sunday when I booked my flight 😬
But I’m not complaining 😍
Yesterday’s race was the toughest one I’ve had...
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