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Heading to Portland to cheer on Hana in the high...

Sara Hall, le texte de sa publication du 29-11-2018 15:13:27 :
Heading to Portland to cheer on Hana in the high school national cross country championships! Has me remembering back to my Footlocker Nationals days (back then there was only one Nationals- wish there still was!) - and even though it was 18 years ago, I still draw on things I learned from those races.
Ever since qualifying as a fluke my Freshman year (I didn’t even know there was a National Championship to qualify for!) once I got there it felt like the Olympics and I set my heart on winning one year. I was 3rd my sophomore year, and then my junior year was supposed to be a showdown between @shalaneflanagan in the East and me from the West. However, I looked past the Regional and tried to torch it, ultimately fading to barely not qualify (Lesson #1- don’t overlook the prelims). This also coincided with the dawn of the LetsRun message boards, which I naïvely stumbled upon and read some stuff that got in my head (Lesson #2- Avoid message boards like the plague 💀)
Going into my senior year, it was my last chance to achieve my dream of becoming the National Champion. I wrote my goal in big letters and put it on my mirror (along with winning State for the 4th year). But I went on a missions trip the majority of the summer, and came back losing dual races and in the worst shape of my high school career.
But despite it looking super unlikely, I refused to take my goals down. I felt God encouraging me not to give up hope, and I kept chipping away and training harder than I ever had before. There was a strip of grass by my house and every day I did strides on it, envisioning myself winning Footlocker in a sprint finish.
I lost my league race and sectional race (granted to next year’s National champ, in the city next to mine!) But I was able to barely beat her to win State, qualified for Nationals at the Regionals (4th), and then when the time came, Nationals played out exactly as I had envisioned it over and over. It was as if my body knew what to do from rehearsing it so many times. In the end, the two goals I had up on my mirror were pretty much the only important races I did win that year and lost the rest!
I draw on this even now in my career to remind myself to not give up on my goals, no matter how unlikely they may seem. To focus on what I can do today to chip away and bring me one step closer.

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SaraHallASICSFollower of Jesus & professional track athlete for Asics. Living to see my passions converge, and my athletic endeavors make an impact on social justice.

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3 years ago, couldn’t run 400 meters.

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