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I’ve been enjoying this girl not having practice so we...

Sara Hall, le texte de sa publication du 05-01-2019 15:23:04 :
I’ve been enjoying this girl not having practice so we can do more
running together (except when she’s two-stepping me running low 7s on snow at altitude — 😑 but also 😍👏🏼)
My friend was commenting the other day how funny it was that Hana was doing all the same stretches and self massage as I do..
and in general, it’s amazing how quickly kids start adopting your behaviors, mannerisms and sayings (though they sound way cooler with their African accents). I used to think becoming a mom would mean I magically became like Mary Poppins, but it turns out I’m just my same quirky self. But more than ever I realize we are always teaching our kids things, most of it without words— just through them observing us. Help me, Jesus! 🙏🏼

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SaraHallASICSFollower of Jesus & professional track athlete for Asics. Living to see my passions converge, and my athletic endeavors make an impact on social justice.

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New blog up on dog sledding and how to survive cross training when you’re sidelined with injury. If you’re starting the new year unable to do the sport...
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That moment you finally feel like your pre-injury self (but likely don’t look anywhere close 😉) and cry happy tears... injured friends, it’s not as far off as you think!
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Boston, I’m coming back for you!! 💙💛
See you on Patriot’s Day! ✨

Plus it’s my birthday, so you know I’ll be asking the Big Man for a tailwind 😉💨💨💨) .
📷: Photorun.net...
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