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“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always...

Sara Hall, le texte de sa publication du 09-02-2019 17:06:41 :
“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get where you’ve always gotten” - Tony Robbins

It’s easy to do the same formula you know works, but in my opinion, breakthroughs come when you have the courage to venture out of the familiar.

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SaraHallASICSFollower of Jesus & professional track athlete for Asics. Living to see my passions converge, and my athletic endeavors make an impact on social justice.

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Message de Sara Hall du 05-02-2019Le 05-02-2019 :
So many great memories spectating/ support crewing on Boylston St., but been dying to run down it myself. 10 weeks to go!
This was 8 years ago 😳 Do we look...
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Message de Sara Hall du 31-01-2019Le 31-01-2019 :
Came across this all-time favorite photo of the girls... their first shopping trip & the first week of being in the USA! The grocery bags were their idea 😆 .

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Message de Sara Hall du 21-01-2019Le 21-01-2019 :
Yesterday I told the kids they had to choose something to try doing they weren’t sure they could do. It was ok if they failed— it was about attempting something...
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Message de Sara Hall du 18-01-2019Le 18-01-2019 :
Anyone else been on the search for the perfect pillow?
I think I’ve bought about 30 so far... it’s one of the things Ryan Hall - err- “loves” about me...
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Message de Sara Hall du 17-01-2019Le 17-01-2019 :
As athletes we often become fixated on our goals and, like a dog with his bone, married to a vision for how things have to go. There’s a tendency to...
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