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🔥 H E A T 🔥 • Anyone else feelin the summer...

Sara Hall, le texte de sa publication du 30-07-2019 17:47:43 :
🔥 H E A T 🔥

Anyone else feelin the summer temps? 🙋🏽‍♀️ Was asking Ryan Hall how is athletes were doing, and he said almost across the board they were struggling to do marathon work in the heat & humidity.

It isn’t as humid in Flagstaff, but the heat + altitude combo is 💀— plus AZ doesn’t change time, so there’s no escaping the sun that’s high in the sky at 6 am. There’s days I’m out there 2 1/2 hours I feel like I’m melting into Lake Mary Road.

But fortunately at the start of this buildup, I happened to be at sea level on a milder morning and ran my fastest long tempo ever at the end of a 130 mile week. It has helped me chill out (catch that 😉) on the death-march days and know that once the temps start to drop, so will the times.

Focus on bringing your best in training each day, and don’t sweat it if the heat makes things a little slower! Once it’s Fall, we’ll fly....

Also— check out Molecule Sleep cooling mattresses and sheets- game changer for summer sleep! ❄️

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SaraHallASICSFollower of Jesus & professional track athlete for Asics. Living to see my passions converge, and my athletic endeavors make an impact on social justice.

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