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TIP if it’s a hard day make it one -great...

Shannon-Leigh - Endurance Athlete, le texte de sa publication du 16-07-2019 00:14:57 :
TIP if it’s a hard day make it one -great training run 22km with 8 x 3 min intervals at ten km pace, then a gym
Weights session. Will run another 18km tonight but won’t worry about pace.

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shannonleighathleteFitness blogger, running tips, health and wellness

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Message de Shannon-Leigh - Endurance Athlete du 15-07-2019Le 15-07-2019 :
Beauty 40 km run today, had planned a 50 km, though time got the better of me. Wonderful time running with joy & heart ❣ Thanks for the pack
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Message de Shannon-Leigh - Endurance Athlete du 14-07-2019Le 14-07-2019 :
Dinner post track session and yoga. #eatrealfood
Steak to add soon🥒🥒 Greens every day has helped me train hard. Will go for a second training run after tea.
#babybeetfeta #greenkalebrochilli &...
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Message de Shannon-Leigh - Endurance Athlete du 12-07-2019Le 12-07-2019 :
Great tips here from Katherine Camp, I agree with her that hills can be speed work in disguise and helpful for endurance. If you a sitting on the fence about...
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Message de Shannon-Leigh - Endurance Athlete du 12-07-2019Le 12-07-2019 :
ACCEPTANCE Even if you don’t like what you see in the mirror you cannot do anything to change it, so you might as well accept it. Meditation and inner beauty,...
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Message de Shannon-Leigh - Endurance Athlete du 11-07-2019Le 11-07-2019 :
The little things matter daily. Stretch and foam roll. Hamstring stretch with band.
Keeping a foam roller and stretch band in handbag. #recoverytricks
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