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Last week I traveled 7.5 hours on a plane...

Stephanie Bruce, le texte de sa publication du 13-12-2018 16:54:00 :
Last week I traveled 7.5 hours on a plane solo with my three and four-year-old. I’d like to think that’s my most impressive achievement as a parent. We passed the time with memory card games, coloring, Gary noises, ripping magazines ( sorry American Airlines), cartoons, multiple bathroom visits, counting our snacks before we ate them, and of course a nap. Since the boys were little we have implemented a strict sleep routine to make our lives better and help them grow and function well. It’s easy to get off schedule when you’re traveling but one thing I’ve never been flexible on is sleep. We also now take our @bedgear travel pillow everywhere and the boys find it to be a familiar feeling. I also believe if we didn’t attempt these crazy travels how would we see the world and show our kids. #sleepfuels

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StephanieRothsteinBruceProfessional female distance runner for HokaOneOne NAZ Elite, chasing Olympic dreams and my 2 sons. 2:29 marathoner and 1:10 half marathoner.

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Message de Stephanie Bruce du 09-12-2018Le 09-12-2018 :
Sunsets and smiles. Amazing trip so far with these ones. Don’t worry @bbjamin15 we do miss you!!
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Message de Stephanie Bruce du 08-12-2018Le 08-12-2018 :
This is downtime. Cc: @des_linden This is a break from marathoning. This is highly recommended.
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Message de Stephanie Bruce du 04-12-2018Le 04-12-2018 :
I have to share this post from @nklastava. It made me smile and of course cry.❤️

“One of the great things about running a marathon is we get to share the...
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Find yourself a crew that believes in your crazy, sets you up for success, drives back and forth to Whole Foods, makes coffee runs, microwaves rice at 4 am and...
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Message de Stephanie Bruce du 03-12-2018Le 03-12-2018 :
Yeah I thought I was a little nuts to race 2 marathons within 28 days. But a bit of faith, a bit of guts, a bit of grit and I’m...
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