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I’ve been competing as a professional runner for 10 years....

Stephanie Bruce, le texte de sa publication du 07-02-2019 15:46:42 :
I’ve been competing as a professional runner for 10 years. I’ve had my share of ups and downs, won, lost, given birth to 2 beautiful boys, but through it all I’ve stayed the course. I’ve never walked away because it is a part of me, but not something that defines me. Attachment of your identify to your times and performance can be dangerous. To me it is what leads to shortcuts, unhealthy decisions, a stubborn drive for greatness. I’ve never truly never experienced these because while I want to kick some ass, see how great I can be, I also know it’s not worth sabotaging my health as a human and as a woman.
For most of my professional career I have weighed between 106-113lbs, and not skipped my period once. I’ve run 80-120 mile weeks and have had a pretty low body fat% for well over a decade. Body weight and body fat % do not equal loss of menstruation.
I wrote a little piece on my website about periods and why we shouldn’t lose them and why we should talk about them. Link below. #journeywithsteph #hokaoneone #grit https://www.stephbruce.com/blog/2019/1/25/lets-talk-about-periods

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StephanieRothsteinBruceProfessional female distance runner for HokaOneOne NAZ Elite, chasing Olympic dreams and my 2 sons. 2:29 marathoner and 1:10 half marathoner.

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