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I have been training extremely hard for the last month...

Stephanie Bruce, le texte de sa publication du 20-03-2019 23:15:48 :
I have been training extremely hard for the last month for the World Cross Country Champs. The last few days I felt heavy legged and a little overly fatigued. So @coachbenrosario1 changed my training, took out a workout I was excited to do but one that I probably didn’t need. I trust him and he set me up for success in today’s altered session. I also got some encouraging words from @sfaubs whose experience I appreciate. Maybe if I was self coached or not on a team I would have done that workout anyway and trashed myself more. An outside perspective will always give you that voice of reason you just may need. Also I finally got my husband pacer back from @aliphine who has been hogging him lately😜 #timetofly #hokaoneone #keepittight #7000ft #flagstaff

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StephanieRothsteinBruceProfessional female distance runner for HokaOneOne NAZ Elite, chasing Olympic dreams and my 2 sons. 2:29 marathoner and 1:10 half marathoner.

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I’m not saying that couples that sleep on @bedgear and read @insideamarathon together run faster. But I am saying it doesn’t hurt.
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📸 @ufnoof
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