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Before I became a parent I thought I had envisioned...

Stephanie Bruce, le texte de sa publication du 24-08-2018 17:00:01 :
Before I became a parent I thought I had envisioned what kind of parent I wanted to be. I didn’t want our kids sleeping with us and developing habits where they couldn’t fall asleep without us. But now I’m learning there are no “kind of parents.” Raising kids is often a crap shoot of adapting, learning, and feeling what’s right to you. So for now Hudson climbing into our bed in the early morning is what works. I know these fleeting moments won’t last and my babies will grow up very soon, and I’ll miss this.

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StephanieRothsteinBruceProfessional female distance runner for HokaOneOne NAZ Elite, chasing Olympic dreams and my 2 sons. 2:29 marathoner and 1:10 half marathoner.

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What are you doing on Sunday November 4th? Me... I’m just racing the NYC MARATHON with a ridiculously deep women’s field. So if you need me for the next 10...
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Message de Stephanie Bruce du 20-08-2018Le 20-08-2018 :
What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, right!? Except my long run. I’m taking that fitness back to Flagstaff with me. @ Las Vegas, Nevada
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Don’t worry you guys, I’m still out here chasing dreams and crushing miles. Big fall on tap for our team. Race announcements coming soon. Stay tuned.... #timetofly #keepittight #journeywithsteph #nazelite...
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Special day for the @pickybars crew! The bars are BACK in stock and have a brand new look. All the same goodness, quality, and loyalty to your taste buds. For...
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Message de Stephanie Bruce du 13-08-2018Le 13-08-2018 :
Both victory and defeat can bring you to your knees. I like to think both are necessary and vital for growth. You appreciate the highs more fully when you’ve...
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