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Me: did coach say 12 x a mile? Kellyn: Yup Me: 🤢

Stephanie Bruce, le texte de sa publication du 27-09-2018 14:01:56 :
Me: did coach say 12 x a mile?
Kellyn: Yup
Me: 🤢

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StephanieRothsteinBruceProfessional female distance runner for HokaOneOne NAZ Elite, chasing Olympic dreams and my 2 sons. 2:29 marathoner and 1:10 half marathoner.

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Message de Stephanie Bruce du 26-09-2018Le 26-09-2018 :
The real training starts tomorrow. Get ready. Just under 6 weeks to @nycmarathon. #timetofly #nazelite #journeywithsteph #tcsnycmarathon
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Message de Stephanie Bruce du 22-09-2018Le 22-09-2018 :
This is 34. This is delayed bedtimes, early wake ups. This is @bbjamin15 and I getting in 22 miles (with @kellyn_taylor) this morning before I take off for Chicago for...
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Message de Stephanie Bruce du 20-09-2018Le 20-09-2018 :
Remember this: no one cares about your running as much as you. The training, the race results, the pressure, the expectation. It’s all created within ourselves. I find that a...
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Message de Stephanie Bruce du 18-09-2018Le 18-09-2018 :
This is my very British friend @thommo26.2. Chris is one of the fastest British athletes of all time. He’s run 2:11 for the marathon, 27:27 for 10k, and 13:11. But...
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Message de Stephanie Bruce du 17-09-2018Le 17-09-2018 :
Defeat came knocking on my door yesterday and I let it in, early on in my workout. But now I feel prepared that next time it comes knocking I’ll slam...
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Michael WardianMichael Wardian
27-09-2018 11:08:28

Message de Michael Wardian du 27-09-2018I cannot wait to run 119 laps at the Gillette Stadium 🏟 marathon Friday night. I am doing a shakeout today but most importantly I am working on my 👋...
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Shalane FlanaganShalane Flanagan
26-09-2018 19:15:56

Message de Shalane Flanagan du 26-09-2018Racing my shadow in some 200m repeats today. Even though my legs don’t like it, I believe it’s important to keep the leg turnover in marathon training. #needforspeed #tcsnycmarathontraining #moveitorloseit...
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Sara HallSara Hall
26-09-2018 17:14:13

Message de Sara Hall du 26-09-2018Celebrated 13 years married to this guy yesterday!
No one I’d rather do 10 years of running gypsy life + 3 years of Baptism-by-fire-family life with!
He makes me pancakes every morning,...
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Kim ConleyKim Conley
26-09-2018 15:33:27

Message de Kim Conley du 26-09-2018‘If some of you are against weight training that’s fine, but I guess that means you are against performing at your peak potential as well.’ 💪🏼🏃🏼‍♀️
- @jaydicharry
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Michael WardianMichael Wardian
26-09-2018 11:14:31

Message de Michael Wardian du 26-09-2018Get my legs ready with Jesse Fuller

Doing some mobility and lengthening for the @gillettestadium marathon on this Friday, super close to our goal of $5,000 for the homeless....
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