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Ted King

Ted Kingwww.iamtedking.com covers pretty much all of it.
Website : www.iamtedking.com
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Ted-King-112317402123753/

Message de Ted King du 30-04-2018Le 30-04-2018 :
Just signed the wife and me up for InGamba Tours June trip to Portugal. Laura King, ready?
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Message de Ted King du 27-04-2018Le 27-04-2018 :
Top Ten Ted Tips « inGamba : Having just signed up for an InGamba Tours trip to Portugal this June, I'm poring over my notes on how to really enjoy...
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Message de Ted King du 24-04-2018Le 24-04-2018 :
Ted King: A letter to my younger self - : The next ten years of your life, Teddy, the Cliffs Notes (subtitle: A Letter to My Younger Self):

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Message de Ted King du 17-04-2018Le 17-04-2018 :
This maneuver is called, “Grab a neutral water bottle, then pour contents of said water bottle into your favorite UnTapped water bottle which has recently been drunk so as to...
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Message de Ted King du 17-04-2018Le 17-04-2018 :
Going coast to coast. Southern California’s #BelgianWaffleRide with 134 miles of dust and now to northern Vermont’s Rasputitsa Gravel Road Race with 40 miles of crusty snow and mud. Just...
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Message de Ted King du 11-04-2018Le 11-04-2018 :
Rasputitsa Gravel Road Race : I think it was about 2013 that I wrapped up Paris-Roubaix and then wanted to segue to the Hell of Northern Vermont...

I'm pumped for Rasputitsa...
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Message de Ted King du 09-04-2018Le 09-04-2018 :
Ted King - innervoice.life : "When you’re racing in the ProTour, you’re pinning a number on and competing somewhere around 60 days per year. And those are on pavement and...
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Message de Ted King du 05-04-2018Le 05-04-2018 :
The Original Dawn Patroller | I Am Ted King : Met my buddy Jeff back in twenty-sixteen. He's been seasoning Mt. Tam since well before he was sixteen. Give #TedsTalk...
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Plus d'infos sur Ted King

Ted King wears spandex and flies all over the world. Is he a superhero? Nobody knows. except him. Ted does some other cool stuff too. A two-wheeled philosopher and supremely culinarily adept, he is a loving brother, a gracious son, and friend to all, while is penning his tale right here on iamtedking.com. 2015 marks King's tenth year of professional racing and his 32nd on this planet. Saddle up with Ted on this wild ride as he globe trots life in the emblematic green.

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