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GIVE AWAY TIME!! Super excited to give away 3 pairs...

Vlad Ixel, le texte de sa publication du 26-10-2018 14:26:47 :

Super excited to give away 3 pairs of my new favorite underwear - T8 Commando V2!!! I’m lucky I get a lot of products sent to me to try and most of the times I’m not really excited about them. Same with the T8 underwear - when I received them my initial thoughts were: ‘I have more than enough underwear already and its only underwear in the end of the day’. To be a 100% honest they were sitting in my draw for over 3 weeks before I tried them on. 😬 But once I did I realised that this pair is a game changer!

They were designed for running but I’ve been using them for running and general everyday life (yes, they did send me few extra pairs ;)) and I never felt so light and comfortable. It’s like a second skin – I didn’t know underwear can be so enjoyable to wear.

I teamed up with the guys at T8 to give away 3 pairs of the new T8 commando V2, so 3 more lucky people will get to experience this amazing pair of underwear.

To enter the giveaway all you have to do is:
1. Follow my athlete page (Vlad Ixel)
2. Tag your friends in the comment section to this post (every comment is one entry- unlimited entries so you can tag as many friends as you like but make sure each comment is only one tag)

Now I know the ladies that are reading this might feel a little left out and I’m sorry, (ladies version coming soon : Better Than Boys(horts)),but this can be a great gift to your partner, friend or any other male in your life.

Competitions will go on for 3 days.

There are another 3 pairs to be won on my Instagram page @vladixel so if you looking for more chances to win go now to my instagram page and enter the competition there too.

Winners will be contacted via DM and also tagged in comments section of this post. Good luck to everyone!!!

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